Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Effluence Treatment

EM Bokashi Mud Blocks are a mixture of clay, bokashi and EM which is mixed together and then allowed to ferment before being dried. As a result, the mud blocks are enriched with EM and when applied to ponds or lakes they will slowly break down, allowing the EM to escape into the water.

EM Mud Blocks will both inhibit the growth of algae and break down any sludge and silt in the pond - giving you beautiful clear and healthy environment.
If you have fish in the pond, the EM Mud Blocks will prove beneficial to them also, as the EM will control ammonia levels and suppress any pathogens present.

Apply at the rate of 1 block per cubic meter of water
(1000 litres/220 gallons).
Demonstrations are done in Malaysia.

Photos showing the transformation of the "dirty" river mouth in a short few months.

Manufacturing Waste Water can be treated Bio Technologically with EM Bokashi in fermented form.

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