Saturday, May 28, 2011

Super Malaysian "Halal" Organic Acarcia Honey

Specification of A.Mangium Honey
Nectar: A.Mangium Honey
Glucose: 32%
Frutose: 35.5%
Sucrose: <0.5%
Acidity: 21.9%
Moisture: <20%

Nutrition Facts:
Energy: 326 kcal/100g
Protein: 2.2g/100g
Fat: 0g
Carbohhydrate: 79.3g/100g

Benefits of Our Organic Honey
1) Improve Immune System
2) Accelerate Healings
3) Replenishing Energy
4) Build Beautiful Skins
5) Regulate Stomach Acid

High Quality Halal Organic Honey for Sale - Currently production 50 to 70 MT per month. Contact us for Quote.

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