Friday, September 18, 2015

AGROSOL and RICHFIELD-BIOFERTILISER Application Team in Keningau Sabah (September 2015)

Application Team Sorting out the SOP
Getting the AGROSOL Applicators Ready

Richfield to be buried

All the Hardworking Ladies are preparing for Bio Fertiliser Application

Richfield BioFertiliser Applied

Richfield Application in Progress

More Poten Bio Stuffs are Added

AGROSOL @1:200 is Sprayed onto the leaves for CO2 enrichment

More pictures on AGROSOL Application

Covering up the Fertiliser Holes after application

More Pics

More Pics

Here is another picture of AGROSOL Application

AGROSOL will do it's work

The ground here is real HARD … so much so the Brand New Changkol got bent  while digging the BioFertiliser hole. 

Another angle of the damaged Changkol

The dutiful little 4X4 at work

Some of the Super Bio stuffs being administered

Different Viewing Angle

The hole with all the potent Bio Stuffs

The Master Mix

Delivered to the trees

We will be able to see the results in 6 months

Our Supervisor demonstrate how the holes are done properly

At a different site with younger trees

The BioFertiliser starts work

The liquid portion added

Closeup View

Another View



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